PT Puji Lestari Purnama is a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals for industrial needs.


Since 1985, PT Puji Lestari PURNAMA has served various industries in the ground-water in the boiler water treatment and water used in the cooling system by using the product Pay-Off ® Water Treatment.


The series of products Katfloc® Raw & Waste Water Treatment has been shown to increase the efficiency in the use of chemicals in the water purification process. And series Katfloc® Paper Making Process Chemicals has contributed in paper making process industry.


 PT Puji Lestari PURNAMA also serve metal industry through lubricant products, metalforming oil, metalworking fluids / cutting fluids.


 With Pay-Off ® Specialty Product

 Our help improve efficiency

 in various processes in the industry is supported by competent experts and completeness of chemical laboratory facilities

 Our products and services cater across all industrial sectors, which include

       1.    Automotive

       2.    Electrical & Electronic Industry

       3.    Energy & Power Plant

       4.    Food and Beverage Industry

       5.    Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

       6.    Hotel & Service Industry

       7.    Institutional : Hospitals, Universities, Commercial Buildings

       8.    Mining and Primary Metal Industry

       9.    Mechanical Industry

      10.  Molding Industry

      11.  Oil & Gas

      12.  Plastic Polymer Industry

      13.  Pulp and Paper Industry

      14.  Textile Industry

      15.  Water Treatment

      16.  Waste Treatment


We are driven to achieve the right result the right way by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and treatment, and  capturing new technologies.

We promote sustainable practices in our business, and our products are biodegradable and safe to the environment, we are steadfast in our commitment to product   quality and service excellence, and we strive

To maintain the highest standard for our clients We continue to explore and experiment to create new and better products through Research and Development

In line with our commitment to ensure quality excellence and environmental sustainability, our products comply with ISO9001, NSF Internasional, HALAL Assurance System Status and relevant Quality & Safety Certification


 We have a motto:


 We give knowledge Not just products


 pt. puji lestari purnama

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