Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals  :

  • Multifunction chemicals for controling corrosion, scale, disperses iron and other foulants.
  • Online Descaler effective in removing, dispersing silica and sulfate scale without shutting down boiler operation.
  • Water conditioning chemicals formulated for food grade.
  • Neutralizing type corrosion inhibitor for steam pipe lines.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals  :

  • Multiple effect combination product which prevent scale, inhibits corrosion, combats biological growth, suspend sludge and sediments.
  • Organic scale and corrosion inhibitor with dispersing properties for hard water.
  • Soft descaler effectively in removing carbonate scale in operating cooling systems.

Chilled Water Treatment Chemicals  :

  • CHWT is a high performance corrosion inhibitor formulated for treatment of chilled water.
  • CHWT is based on nitrite formulation to protect steel and other non-ferrous metals, makes CHWT an ideal treatment for chilled water systems.

Hot Water Treatment Chemicals :

  • All organic chemicals for preventing scaling and corrosion of both iron and cooper

Feed Water Treatment Chemicals :

  • Cationic and Anionic Exchange Resin
  • Regeneration chemicals used in rinsing cationic exchange resins that have been contaminated with iron oxide.

Reverse Osmosis Treatment Chemicals :

  • AERO series chemical have been developed as a broad spectrum liquid antiscalant, an inorganic scale cleaner and iron deposit remover, as a general purpose membrane cleaner effective against organic based foulants for use in reverse osmosis and ultra filtration membrane systems.
  • ( Pay off AERO series chemicals are certified NSF/ANSI Standard 60 – Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals )


Coal & Fuel Additive :

  • Coal additives are used for the purpose of proper coal combustion, oil additives, fuel oil additives, diesel oil additive and automotive oil additive.
  • These additives are formulated using high grade chemicals and certified.

Defoamers :

  • Defoamer is chemical that serves to reduce and inhibit the formation of foam in a fluid process industries.
  • Application : pulp and paper, paint, industrial waste water treatment, food processing, chemical manufacturing, fermentation, textile, and coating.


       Cleaning Agent :

  • Oil, acid and alkaline cleaners containing corrosion inhibitors for the removal of oil and other residue.
  • Acid cleaner is mainly used for removal of inorganic deposits like scaling, and unblock clogged pipes by dissolving greases.
  • Alkaline cleaner can dissolve fats, oils, and protein based substance.

       Rust Remover :

  • Effective in preventing further corrosion when the rust is removed.

       Rust Preventives :

  • Available in lacquer, wax or oil film types


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