Modern heat-treatment processes are forever making new demands on quenching fluids. PETROFER’s extensive development programmes ensure that our product technology is more than capable of meeting these new technology requirements. We are constantly screening new materials for their suitability in our formulations, and our existing product range is reviewed continually to ensure that the best available technology is used.
Our customer partnership approach in Heat Treatment results in:

•     Their increased profitability

•      Process efficiency

•      Operation simplification

•      Energy saving and environmental friendliness.

       Our knowledge for your advantage!


PETROFER produces a complete range of high-quality products for forging processes as well as for the whole die-casting process, and conducts frequent inspection of the fluids to ensure safety, uninterrupted and cost-effective production with a long service life of production equipment.


Hydraulic fluids are commonly made of flammable mineral oils. In areas with a high risk of fire or explosion, mineral oils represent a significant safety hazard. Consequently PETROFER have a full range of fire resistant hydraulic fluids. These products have been constantly improved over the past 50 years, with the result we are now a market leader in this technology. We also hold many OEM approvals for the product range.


For more than 60 years we have been researching and producing cutting fluids, to improve tool life, cutting efficiency, surface finish, rust prevention and fluid life. Our developments have created a safer working environment for users, reducing bacterial attack, skin sensitivity, smoke and fumes.

Our coolants are classified into water dilutable and non water-dilutable , and there are high technology products for every machining application and material


The range of products for metal forming operations includes neat oils, emulsions, dispersions, synthetic products and pastes. Our products are custom developed to meet all requirements of metal forming processes, thus guaranteeing the user the highest productivity and quality. The range covers: punching, piercing, forming, tube and wire, cold forming and  evaporating stamping oils.


As production processes are highly individual, we offer a broad range of products suitable to the industry’s requirements. Especially in hydraulics, gearboxes, spindles or slideway lubrication, PETROFER has precise solutions for individual conditions


For cleaning of metallic surfaces, PETROFER offers a broad range of industrial cleaners. Developed using the latest results from research and technology while taking into account ecology and occupational safety, these products satisfy the requirements of all modern cleaning applications. PETROFER cleaners ensure long service life with low maintenance. PETROFER offers tailormade cleaners, whether as individual products or as custom-designed system solutions for manufacturing processes.


PETROFER Rust Preventatives are highly effective in all industrial processes, especially the marine or aerospace industry. Our product range comprises oils, dewatering fluids, water based and special products for every process. Our range uses sustainable materials with solutions to meet a customer’s specific characteristics.

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