Bacteri for Aerob And Anaerob Process


Katfloc SC – Series is a cationic , relatively low molecular weight type polymer supplied in easy-to-use liquid form.It is used as a coagulant and/or coagulant – aid in the clarification treatment of water it can partially to totally replace conventional inorganic metal salts (e.g aluminum or iron salts). And also used for dewatering agent.

Application :

Katfloc SC – Series must be diluted with clean water least 1 : 10 prior to dosing. Dosing point should be thus selected as to provide for turbulent, prolonged mixing with the water to be treated in order to optimize performance. If used in conjunction with in organic coagulant, the inorganic is usually added first but in many cases, the product can be dosed at the same point. Katfloc SC- Series may also be pre-mixed with inorganic coagulant. In cases where a secondary coagulant / flucolant is used , Katfloc SC – Series should be dosed first .




Bacteri SC –Series ( 585 pwoder )

BacteriAerob Proses

Bacteri SC – Series ( 660 / 668 Liquid )

BacteriAnaerob Proses


Katfloc SC- Series is non – toxic and approved by the US NSF and other official institutions for use in the treatment of potable water.

The product should be stored in a cool dry place. Spillage should be avoided, as spilled polymer is slippery. Wash spillage with plenty of water. The used of protective splash goggles and glove is recommended when handling the product.