Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals (BWT)


  • Multifunction chemicals for controling corrosion, scale, disperses iron and other foulants.
  • Online Descaler effective in removing, dispersing silica and sulfate scale without shutting down boiler operation.
  • Water conditioning chemicals formulated for food grade.
  • Neutralizing type corrosion inhibitor for steam pipe lines.


Organic scale and corrosion inhibitor with dispersing properties for hard water.Soft descaler effectively in removing silica scale in operating boiler systems.


  • Contains a scale inhibitor, which minimizes the scale formation.
  • A polyelectrolyte suspends any insoluble formation on the bottom of the boiler. Suspended solids will leave the boiler with the blowdown.
  • An anti-corrosion agent forms a protective film on clean pipes, thus preventing further corrosion.
  • A carbon dioxide scavenger minimizes corrosion in steam pipes.



  • Very important to maintain boiler water pH in the range of 10.5 – 11.5.
  • Be sure to have sufficient blowdown which control both the pH and suspended matter in boiler.
BWT-FS¦SRTF¦SRFAnti scale & Anti Corrosion (food grade) 
BWT-SCF Silica Conditionner (Food Grade)
Liquid Descaler F
Scaling / Cleaning tube (Food grade)
BWF-F¦SRTRI¦SR¦S¦G¦GD Anti Scale & Anti Corrosion
BWT-SC Silica Conditioner
Liquid Descaler Scaling / Cleaning tube
Neutralizing AgentScaling / Cleaning tube
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