CR 100

KATFLOC-100 CR  is a synthetic cationic polymer that can partially or totally replace inorganic and organic coagulants in the clarification treatment of industrial effluents containing super-colloidal suspensions such as color .

KATFLOC-100 CR  is particularly effective as a decolorization agent for industrial effluents containing residual natural or synthetic dyes such as textile industry waste water.

Typical Properties :

Appearance                          Clear  viscous liquid

Bulk Density (g/cm3)       1.15 ± .05

pH                                              4 .5 ± 1

Active content (%)             50 ± 2

Viscosity (cps)                      50 – 150

Solubility in water               Complete

Shelf at 250C (years)                       1


ATFLOC-100 CR should preferably be dissolved in water to a  1-5% strength solution prior to dosing. The dosing point should be selected such that intimate mixing and sufficient contact time with the substrate can occur.

KATFLOC-100 CR non normally used in conjunction with inorganic coagulants such as aluminum or iron salts. It is normally dosed before inorganic coagulant addition.

N.B. Overdosing of KATFLOC-100 CR should be avoided as re-dispersion can occur. The use of a high molecular  weight  anionic flocculant (such as the KATFLOC AP 310 H) after KATFLOC-100 CR addition is recommended as it results  in an increased floc size.

Dosage of  KATFLOC-100 CR varies depending on the composition of the effluent being treated and the amount of inorganic coagulants being used. Typical dosage rates range from 10 – 100 ppm.

KATFLOC-100 CR is compatible with physic-chemical biological treatment plants.

Safety Handling

KATFLOC-100 CR is essentially non-toxic. Store in a cool dry place. Polymer is slippery, if spilled, clean up immediately using an inert granular substance i.e., sawdust, sand, etc.

For further information consult the MSDS