To fulfill the various demands on hydraulic fluids, PETROFER developed superior solutions for water hydraulics. Our modern products meet the most challenging technical and ecological requirements and are approved by well-known OEMs. We supply mineral oil based HFA-E fluids as well as mineral oil free HFA-S fluids


Due to the careful selection of raw materials our HFC products fulfil the highest technological requirements. For many years ULTRA-SAFE has been used successfully, particularly in the die-casting industry. There are many further applications, for example in the Navy. Thanks to excellent cooperation with OEMs like Bühler, Frech, Bosch-Rexroth etc. all-important approvals have been achieved.


Products are synthetic anhydrous hydraulic fluids with similar hydraulic properties to conventional hydraulic oils. Due to their composition, ENVOLUBRIC products show excellent stability against ageing and hydrolysis as well as outstanding anti-corrosion properties. Our products are characterised by high flashpoints and high auto-ignition temperatures.

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