JANCHEM-CDS It is the copolymer of acrylamide and acrylic acids, using polymer mesh structure to increase hydrogen bonding number in the mutual area of fiber to fiber. Its combination area of long chain polymers can be deformed, thus increasing the bond toughness . It could improve the tensile strength, stiffness, ring-crush strength, bursting strength, folding endurance and other physical index. And it also can improve the retention rate of the fine fiber and filler and drainage performance.


  1. It is specially suitable to Kraft paper,board paper and corrugated paper
  2. When diluted with clean water, the dilution multiples of this product is generally about 15 to 30 times. After the product was stirred sufficiently, add uniformly to the slurry in an amount of 5-10kgs for one ton paper.
  3. Adding position that selected should have a full contact with the Generally choose the ingredients pool, high box or import pump.
  4. Use a plastic or stainless steel as the material for product’s storage, dilution tank, piping etc.. Iron-based material will cause corrosion and thickening phenomenon.
  5. Do not mix with other chemicals when storage or mixing


Packing & storage:

Packing: 200kg PE drum or 1000kg IBC drum.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, protecting from moisture. When loading and unloading, you should take care to prevent packaging and containers being damaged, avoiding leakage.