It is a new type of water-resistant surface sizing agent developed by our company, which can effectively combine with starch, giving starch coating good cross-linking strength and hydrophobic performance. The product has the characteristics of small additive amount, low cost and easy to use. The product has good film-forming ability, significantly improve the surface strength of paper such as two-side offset paper, electrostatic copy paper, white card paper, and achieve excellent water-resisting effect. The product has good compatibility with various chemicals, and can be compatible with starch, direct dye, acid dye, OBA and other anionic or non-ionic substances.


ApprearanceLight Brown Liquid
Effective Solid Content30% Min
Viscosity≤50mpa.s(25 ゜ C)
SolubilitySoluble easily


  1. Effectively improve the surface strength and smoothness of the paper, and suppress the phenomenon of hair dropping
  2. Can achieve excellent water resistance, no maturation period, not easy to return to moisture
  3. It can be used with the original starch to reduce the sizing cost.
  4. Have better mechanical stability and less resulted foams during production process.
  5. This product can be compatible with dyes,OBA and other anionic or non-ionic substances, good compatibility.

Dosage & Aplication

  • Dosage : 1kg to 5kg per mt of paper
  • When the gelatinized starch solution is cooled to below 70°C, the original solution of the product is slowly added to the mixing pot in the stirring state, and the mixture is evenly mixed, and then the machine can be used for sizing. Or the use of metering pump in starch sizing machine before the continuous addition.

Package & Storage

The package is 200 Liters or 1000Liters IBC drums

It should be stored in cool place. And avoid frozen or sunshine environment. The shelf life time is 6 months.