-ASS (Anti Sticky Solution)


When producing paper using recycled paper, paper mills very often face the problem of organic deposits derived from adhesives and ink binders on various equipment of the paper machine. These contaminants cause the formation of deposits that are often referred to as stickies. Many problems are caused by sticky deposits such as paper breakage, the presence of spots, holes, dirt, and reduced drying efficiency due to felt blockage. One way to control sticky deposit is by using JANCHEM-ASS.

PT PUJILESTARI DIVISION PULP AND PAPER provides PAM-based JANCHEM-ASS which specifically breaks down the ester bonds that make up the majority of the adhesive content in sticky materials. By breaking down the ester bonds in the sticky content, the sticky size will be smaller and less tacky. Smaller and less tacky sticky will increase the amount of sticky removed from the reject screen and reduce the likelihood of sticky sticking back to the roll in the drying section and to the felt.