JANCHEM-DSSL is a softener used for the creation of softness and bulk for tissue papers. It is based on a high molecular fatty acid condensate.

Chemical Properties

Appearance                       :    clear brown liquid

Spec. Gravity/20°C         :    0.98 g/cm³

Active ingredients          :     100 %

Solubility                           :    easy emulsifiable in water

Flash Point                        :    > 100°C

With regard to the coating,  JANCHEM-DSSL shows a slight releasing effect at the Yankee cylinder.

JANCHEM-DSSL has been tested and approved for the mass application as softener at the production of tissue.


JANCHEM-DSSL is applied in the mass either

  • in front of the mixing pump into the backwater


  • inside the machine chest

The product is sprayed as 5 % aqueous emulsion. When preparing the emulsion, JANCHEM-DSSL  is added into the water by stirring.

The dosage has to take place before adding the wet strength agents. The dosage quantities are in arange of 1 – 2 l/h related to the concentrate.

Handling & Storage

Adhere to material safety regulations given in the safety data sheet.

The product has a storage stability of 9 months within a temperature intervall of

5 – 35 ° C. During the storage, the containers should remain closed tightly. Should the product be frozen, a defrosting is possible without creating problems. The content of the containers, however, should be homogenized before application.

If the product is used properly, it will not cause any defects in waste treatment plants according to our experiences.