Release agent for the control of crepe at the tissue production on Yankee Cylinders

JANCHEM-RA is used for controlling the crepe formation and the adhesion of the paper web on Yankee cylinders.

JANCHEM-RA  is based on a combination of native raw materials which are easy biodegradable and save our natural resources.

In contrast to other products from our RELEASE AGENT product range, JANCHEM-RA  is characterized by it’s extremely strong releasing effect and it’s good emulsifiability.

JANCHEM-RA  offers the following application advantages:

  1. control of crepe = runnability, cylinder protection
  2. control of adhesion = control of crepe and stretch
  3. lubrication of blade = increased service life of blade
  4. native raw materials = production corresponding to environmental aspects


JANCHEM-RA  has been tested and approved for the application at the production of paper and board.


JANCHEM-RA  is used in combination with coating agents and normally sprayed directly onto the cylinder surface via a spray system which has been developed for this purpose. An application via felt or bulk is also possible. The perfect product combination and application method is determined by our technical service guaranteeing an optimum adaptation to all types of paper machines.

Prior to use, the temperature of the bins should be adjusted to the ambient temperature by a storage next to the dosage point.

Adhere to safety regulations given in the health and safety data sheet.

Handling & Storage

At a storage temperature of 5 – 35°C in closed original container, the product can be applied over a period of 12 months.

Only valid in combination with EC-Safety-Data-Sheet.