Laundry Chemical :

      Alkali/Builder, together with detergent to  remove heavy soil and stains.

      Katsavon, is detergent will remove soil and stain from cloth.

      Emulsifier, remove fat and oil from cloth.

      Oxybleach, containing oxygen active and flourescent brightening agent will remove soil/stain and the cloth  more brighter.

      Katbleach, contain organic chlornya, effective to remove soil/stain fromwhite cloth.

      Katysour, effective remover residualchemical from the cloth such as :chlor and alkali.

      Katysoft, is softener and fragrance for fabric laundry


      Other : Oil Removal, desinfectant, softener and fragarance, perfume spray etc.

 pt. puji lestari purnama

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