Nutribac as Nutrients for Biological Treatment


Nutribac as bacterial nutrients in the wastewater treatment process biologist with the aerobic process, Nutribac is made from the organic material formulation and an organic material as other ingredients.


Nutribac used in sewage treatment industry (liquid) with aerobic biological processes as a bacterial nutrient, in the use and additions could be done with the injection manually in aeration tanks and the like, can be used for the treatment of wastewater with COD> 2000 ppm.


  • Reduce COD and BOD values ​​by more than 90%
  • To add and bacterial growth in the mouth at the wastewater treatment biological processes which are also present in activated sludge.
  • Improve the quality of activated sludge.



Nutribac 1000 series

 (1120 / 1020 / 1050 )

Nutrition bacteria in biological processes with system areasi


Has a degree of acidity with a scale of 4 (pH 4). May cause irritation to skin and eyes on contact recurring. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, after handling always wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

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