FEROCLEAN N  (Neutral Cleaners)

Neutral Cleaners are generally used for inter-stage and final cleaning operations during in-line production of components. They can also be used in centralised cleaning systems where different metals can be cleaned simultaneously. Neutral cleaners are usually liquids and are therefore easy to use; they also provide temporary corrosion protection and as they do not leave salt residues they are suitable for single stage cleaning systems. PETROFER’s neutral cleaners are also formulated to provide good separation of the oil removal from the components.

FEROCLEAN A (Alkaline cleaners)

Alkaline cleaners are used when high cleanliness of the metal surface is essential e.g. prior to galvanizing and enamelling. They are also excellent for removal of difficult deposits such as highly oxidized oils and fats.
Both product ranges include products for spray applications and dip tanks. Special products are also available for systems using ultra-filtration



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