Emulsions, neat oils, pastes and synthetic lubricants for wire and profile drawing of copper, copper alloys, steel cord and stainless steel.

DRAWLUB C 100 Series;

ROD-BREAKDOWN + Intermediate wire drawing emulsion for copper and copper alloys.

DRAWLUB C 200 Series;

Emulsions, especially for coated and plated on intermediate and MULTI-WIRE machines.

DRAWLUB C 300 Series;

Emulsions, especially for INLINE magnet wire, fine wire and MULTI-WIRE.

DRAWLUB C 400 Series;

Synthetic solutions, for fine-wire, extra fine wire, as well as MULTI-WIRE and INLINE magnet wire.

DRAWLUB C 500 Series;

Mineral oil free, water-miscible coolant which has been developed specifically for wire drawing operations on cooper, tinned copper and brass.

High performance neat oils and drawing compounds for wire drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloys.


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