Data :

Product name                : Wet Strength Agent

Appearance                    : Light yellow transparent liquid

Molecular formula        : C15H35ClN4O5


This product is one kind of none formaldehyde polymer, nonpoisonous and odourless, hydrogen ion index range is wide. Suitable for in neutral copying paper under the alkaline condition a little,and it increases wet strong result and it is obviously superior to urea aldehyde and resin,gather cyanogen,amine and formaldehyde resin three times.


This product applies to paper making and textile industry that require the performance of wet strength.Can not only increase the wet strength performance, but increase the dry strength variously.

Packing & Storage:

Packing: 200kg PE drum or 1000kg IBC drum or Flexbag.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, protecting from moisture. When loading and unloading, you should take care to prevent packaging and containers being damaged, avoiding leakage.

ItemStandard Specification
AppearancePale yellowish to amber transparent liquid
Content (%)17% ±2
Relative Density1.0-1.1
Shelf life3-6months