We have developed a unique starch crosslinking agent which has both crosslinking, waterproofing and stabilizing performance. It can make No-carrier process simpler and easier by adding this crosslinking agent.


  • Stabilize the viscosity of starch adhesives during the
  • Decrease gelatinization point/temperature of starch
  • Green Bonding is
  • Water retention and stability of the glue is
  • Hydrolysis and bio-degradability is
  • Glue flow ability character is
  • Water resistance also



Physical Properties

Appearance: Yellow liquid
Solid Content: 42% (±2%)
Viscosity: min. 10 CPS /25 ℃
Specific Gravity: 1.10 – 1.20 / 25 ℃
pH: 7.0 ~ 10.5 / by meter
Storage Stability: 6 months

SUGGESTED DOSAGE Suitable dosing amount: 3%~5% (to starch amount

PACKAGE 250 kgs / 1000 kgs net per drum.

NOTICE  Please store it in a cool and dry place.