JANCHEM-DC24  is a commonly used additive in the paper industry to address and improve the issue of dusting on paper surfaces. Dusting occurs when loose fibers and particles on the surface of paper become airborne, leading to potential contamination, reduced print quality, and a less desirable user experience. The key reasons why oxidized starch is effective in combating dusting include:

  • Film Forming Capability

JANCHEM-DC24 possesses the ability to create a thin and uniform film when applied to the surface of paper. This film acts as a protective layer, encapsulating loose fibers and preventing them from becoming dislodged and airborne.

  • Binding Agent

The film formed by JANCHEM-DC24 acts as a binding agent, holding together the fibers and surface particles. This cohesive effect significantly reduces the likelihood of particles breaking away from the paper, contributing to a reduction in dust generation.

  • Surface Sizing Benefits

JANCHEM-DC24 is often used as a surface sizing agent, enhancing the strength and smoothness of the paper. A smoother surface is less prone to the release of loose particles, addressing the issue of dusting.

  • Improve Paper Integrity

By reinforcing the structure of the paper, JANCHEM-DC24 helps maintain the overall integrity of the material. This results in a more robust paper that is less likely to shed particles during handling, transport, and other processes.

  • Enhanced Printability

The improved surface characteristics achieved with JANCHEM-DC24  not only reduce dusting but also contribute to enhanced printability. A smoother surface is more conducive to high-quality printing, reducing the generation of dust during printing processes

  • Reduce Environmental Impact

In applications where dust particles can pose environmental concerns, such as in cleanrooms or industries with strict hygiene requirements, the anti-dusting properties of JANCHEM-DC24 contribute to a cleaner and more controlled environment.