KATFLOC NP 220 S flocculant is a high molecular weight, non-ionic, polyacrylamide. This product is approved for use by the EPA in the clarification treatment of raw water for potable usage .


Appearance                                                  White free flowing powder

Bulk density  (g/cm3)                                   0.75 ±  0.05

Particle Size  (mm)                                      1

Molecular weight  (millions)                       15  x  106

pH  (5 g/l solution)                                        7 ± 1

Viscosity 5g/l solution  (cps)                      70

Solution Strength  (g/l)       

  • Maximum 15

  • Recommended 5

Storage Stability

  • Solution (days)                                            5

  • Dry Product (months)                             24

Dosage                                                          0.1 – 10 ppm


KATFLOC NP 220 S can be used as primary or secondary coagulant for Raw surface water, industrial Effluents , industrial Process water, mineral slurries in the mining Industry etc.

KATFLOC  NP 220 S may be used in Clarifiers of all type, thickeners, settlers, filters etc.


Flocculants are hygroscopic. Store in dry place at a temperature below 35 0C . Do not store outside spillage  should be cleaned up rapidly, surface become very slippery. Hazardous if flocculants are spread on the floor .

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