This product is used in Waste Water Treatment Plant for domestic or industrial, Nutribac 1120 P is applied to maintain the aerobic bacteria to enhance the decomposing process of organic matters in waste water, The decomposing process will go on perfectly without the sedimentation solids particle in the reservoir tank, This product is environmentally safe to treat the organic waste in Sewage Treatment Plant as well as in Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Nutribac 1120 P is added to enhance the bacteria multiplication and prolong the bacteria life span.  So that the bacteria can function in maximum to decompose the organic matters  in the waste water (protein, carbohydrate, and fat), eliminate the odor caused by the high contamination of Ammonia and Sulfite to control the level of BOD & COD, and to maintain the population of good bacteria in waste water.


Product properties :

Appearance                    :  Brown Liquid

Density                              :  1.05         ±0.05

Active Composition  Phosphorus : 5,5  – 7 % , Potassium : 3,5-5 % , Glucose : 20 – 30 %

Kalium : 8 -10 %

The average dosage of nutrient is  5 – 10  %  x BOD effluent water the fluctuation of contaminant level (BOD/COD) & 40 – 100 ppm for highly toxic waste water that kills the bacteria and disable it to lower BOD/COD.

Dosing pump usage will maintain the continuous application of the nutrient. Shake well before using. lt is recommended that in the water treatment system get enough oxygen supply aeration by using aerator or blower sufficiently. The minimum oxygen concentration is 2,5 ppm and water pH 6-5 – 8,0.



Nutribac 1120 P is available in 30 ltrs plastic container.